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them how any one jim -- now any one individual is doing. host: we're talking with patrick rice of politico, he's an economics and finance reporter for politico. and previously, he was the morning energy reporter and he also reported for everyone for e & e's. our next call comes from jack, on our line for democrats. jack, you're on the "washington journal." caller: good morning. pleasure to talk to you. host: go ahead, jack. caller: i'm a teacher in the private school in this area, but i would disagree with my previous caller. the big problem in our economy as i see it is the offshoring of so many good paying jobs, and the destruction of the union in this country. when the globalization destroyed the floor for the middle class in wages, and as a result of that, these jobs are not coming back to this country. even offshoring technical jobs, like computer programs. it's outrages. host: jack in new jersey. to that we want to add this tweet from kiki who writes -- guest: i think for a lot of people what they see immediately is this employer who used to operate out of my town or city
-bowles before, you're not going to like the new one either. let's bring in michael shore and patrick rice. the president is putting out scary language about the quester. honestly i'm a little skeptical, but you tell me. how big are the cuts going to be and are they more concerned about the discretionary spending cuts or in washington, are they really more concerned about the defense cuts? >> i think that depends which part you look at. there are certainly a block of democratic party furious about this. they feel the chained c.p.i. is a back doorway to cut social security. there's a block clotter to the middle who sort of taken the idea that austerity is the direction we need to go in right now. on the right you've seen some shifting. for a long time, defense spending was unturnable but after demanding spending cuts, it's a difficult time, as the republicans say wait a minute, not these spending cuts. there's real momentum for this sequester going forward. the question is will it go forward in full or will there be some compromise in which some parts don't go forward and the burden of cuts
economics and finance reporter patrick rice on the latest unemployment figures. alliance for school choice president on national school choice week. the head of the congressional coalition on the adoption institute will talk about international adoption. washington journal begins live at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. >> from almost the found a, you saw the fertility rates decline. by the time we hit the second world war, we were around the replacement rate. immediately after, we have the only major incidents of increase attend our fertility rate. that was the baby boom. it really was a remarkable moment. the fertility rate increase quite high, 3.7% for white americans and 3.9% for black americans. it stayed up for an entire generation. it was a long-lasting effect. people change the way they lived for generations. by 1970, that momentum ended. we saw the fertility rate dropping off a cliff. >> on how changing demographics of birth rates could cost the u.s. to lose its place is that -- lose its place as a world leader. sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span2. let us on facebook. >> now, women who
a good weekend. have a good super bowl. go team. >> on the next "washington journal," patrick rice on the latest unemployment figures. and the head of the national coalition on adoption institute of talk about international adoption. it begins live in o'clock a.m. eastern time. -- 7:00 a.m. eastern time. >> the movie itself, it is not a stretch to argue that gone with the wind is the most popular american historical film ever made. by one estimate, something like 90% of the americans have seen the movie at least once. it has been noted that it became a worldwide phenomenon as well. the book was banned by the not phase, while the french resistance saw it as a symbolic representation of strength amid occupation. it was recommended by leaders as part of the vietnam conflict. in japan, the movie was turned into a successful all-female musical. the movie is probably the most -- single most influential interpretation of the civil war in 21st century popular culture. >> gone with the wind goes up a trail of southern culture. that is saturday night at eight o'clock eastern on c-span three.
workers began looking for jobs. patrick rice will join us to discuss the jobs number. vouchers, charter schools, and homeschooling. our guest will talk about adoption. more now on the january unemployment numbers. >> every time the president meets with his advisers, the focus is on job creation and economic growth. that includes when we have discussions about deficit reduction. as the president has made clear , deficit reduction is not the goal in itself. it is the means, if done right, greater growth and greater job creation. as part of an overall economic policy. i would note that today's jobs figures and the revisions we saw in previous months mean that over 35 months, we have created 6.1 private sector jobs. we created in 2012, when i said 2 million, we created 6.2 million with the revision numbers. in 2012, that means we have been moving in the right direction when it comes to job creation. when this president took office in 2009, we were in an economic free fall. we are hemorrhaging jobs. -- we were hemorrhaging jobs. we still had work to do and we had to make sure that when we di
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5